Breathspec COVID-19: Rapid Breath Test for COVID-19 using Breathspec
Communications Disseminations 01.06.2022

Breathspec COVID-19: Rapid Breath Test for COVID-19 using Breathspec



This project aims to accelerate the development and commercialisation of our innovative breath test that is fast, cost effective and easily deployable for rapid screening of COVID-19. The Breathspec® uses Gas Chromatography-Ion Mobility Spectrometry (GC-IMS) technology to analyse the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in people’s breath in less than 5 minutes. The test aims to be used at community testing centres and has the potential to be used as a screening tool at border points, stadium entrances, schools and factories.  

The application of our Breathspec® as a rapid solution to mass testing as part of the Covid-19 response. The principles of the BreathSpec are simple. The participant breathes into a reservoir tube through a mouthpiece and the breath sample is introduced into the GC-IMS system remotely. The VOC pattern from the breath can be used to identify COVID-19. COVID trials were undertaken (and are still ongoing) at hospitals in Edinburgh and Leicester UK, Dortmund Germany, Sri Lanka and Canada. Initial VOC data is published by the Lancet7.  

The remaining technical aspect, however, is the development, testing and validation of a new graphical user interface (GUI) which must be modified to comply with IEC 62304. Without this the device cannot be CE marked and brought to market. Therefore, this project aims to accelerate this development.