INNO4COV-19 and COVIDX Final Joint Event: Back to a Healthy Future

INNO4COV-19 and COVIDX consortia invite you to participate in a joint final event taking place in Brussels on the 21st-22nd of September 2022.

The event aims to disseminate the innovation developed by European companies, supported by the projects COVID-X and INNO4COV-19 via financial support to third parties, as well as the results from European projects supported by H2020 framework. Besides the various healthcare solutions showcased, the event will include round tables to gather insights on the Healthcare Lessons learned from COVID-19 and on the regulatory barrier that the solutions’ providers have to follow to reach out the market.

“Back to a Healthy Future” will gather various players of the healthcare ecosystem: from SMEs to big companies, to hospitals management teams as well as clinical teams, together with regulatory consultancy companies, RTOs and investors. All together to reflect on what we lived and what is ahead us.

Back to a Healthy Future Final Event

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Back to a Healthy Future video

Back to an Healthy Future Video

Back to Healthy Future: What to expect at the healthcare event in Brussels

INNO4COV-19 and COVID-X, EU-funded Horizon Europe projects joined forces to unite all healthcare stakeholders at the event “Back to a Healthy Future”, which will be held in Area 42 in Brussels, 21-22 September 2022.

This two-day event is envisioned as a place where European healthcare professionals, MedTech innovators, as well as policy makers can get together and share post-pandemic knowledge for a healthier future.

The first day of the event will introduce the visitors to the exhibition of 40+ healthcare solutions, and other COVID-19 related EU-funded initiatives.

Both INNO4COV-19 and COVID-X supported an impressive list of new technology providers throughout their programmes.  INNO4COV-19 will introduce the visitors to companies delivering innovative diagnostic and screening systems, environmental surveillance of coronavirus, sensors and devices for telemedicine and telepresence, as well as protective equipment for people and a safer public. The COVID-X Game Changers, on the other hand, will present their innovative solutions in the domains of early detection, innovative diagnostics, remote care, healthcare and recovery.

As the event is designed to be an interactive experience of sharing expertise and knowledge, don’t expect just your typical presenters’ booths, but also a lot of energising moments and Inspirational Talks meant for all healthcare exhibitors and participants to share their “Life after Covid” and similar stories.

By registering to the event, visitors can prepare beforehand for Matchmaking Sessions with key industry players such as researchers, hospitals and HealthTech companies. The process is quite simple:

  • Create a profile and boast your interests and assets at the event marketplace;
  • Book a meeting with other members and meet in person on the first day of the Back to a Healthy Future event

The second day of the event is focused on Roundtables, 22 September 2022.

The Roundtable 1: Regulatory Barriers will tackle the main legal issues of the current MedTech market. A panel of key stakeholders, including notifying national bodies and other members of the healthcare regulation, will discuss regional and international regulatory barriers. .

The Roundtable 2:  Healthcare Lessons Learnt is intended as a session for clinical stakeholders to discuss how the pandemic changed the healthcare sector. Panelists will elaborate measures implemented in several EU countries, trying to understand which had the bigger impact.

So, if you want to be part of the healthy future, book your place at the “Back to a Healthy Future” event and stay tuned for more exciting news!