INNO4COV-19 Project

Boosting Innovation for COVID-19 Diagnostic, Prevention and Surveillance

The Project
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INNO4COV19 Open Call

NEWS: Due to high number of relevant applications, the 2nd and 3rd Rounds of the INNO4COV-19 Open Call have been merged. FINAL ROUND of applications: deadline 30th April 2021 (17h00 CET)


Inno4cov19 An open access platform to tackle COVID-19 pandemic


An innovating open access platform to tackle COVID-19 pandemic.

Create a “lab-to-fab” platform and collaboration resource to enable companies and reference laboratories to develop and implement innovative technologies to fight COVID-19.

The Project

INNO4COV-19 Project aims to support the full development to market uptake of technologies at TRL6-7 or higher. It Provides fundings to third parties to archive the desiderated objectives

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The Partners

The 11-partner consortium led by INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, is looking for efficient and fast solutions that can help in the fight against COVID-19 jointly with the other actively involved industrial and RTO partners.