INNO4COV-19 OPEN CALL – 2nd Round Results


OpenCall Second Round Overview

In the Second round of Inno4cov-19 Open Call a total of 290 applications were submitted by applicants from 36 different European countries (2 non-eligible), being the majority on behalf of SME and Start-ups.After a first eligibility check, a total of 182 applications were submitted to the full evaluation process, resulting in 12 proposals recommended for funding (7% success rate).

The selected proposals for the second round of  INNO4COV-19 Open Call are listed below, described by Acronym; Title and Organisation, divided by technology domain.
The total amount funded in the OpenCall Second round is EUR 1,194,632.00

Innovative diagnostic and screening systems

  • Breathspec COVID-19 : Rapid Breath Test for COVID-19 using Breathspec; IMSPEX Diagnostic Limited,
  • Workplace PCR :Workplace-based PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2 & variants; Abacus Diagnostica,
  • PANORAMA Rapid Screening Platform powered by AI & SERS technology; GREENTROPISM,
  • POC-LIT-COV Point of care test of leukocyte function using LIT to assess and guide COVID patient management; Seroxo Limited.

Environmental surveillance

  • AutoMuVariant : Automated mutation variant surveillance for accurate COVID-19 variant monitoring and tracking; Flomics Biotech,
  • City Sentinel V-SENSE City Sentinel: Viral, Variants and Socio-EcoNomic SurvEillance; AQUATEC,
  • FAST TRACK COVID 19 Fast genetic tracking of Covid-19 for environmental surveillance; CSMT Gestione s.c.a.r.l. .

Sensors & Devices for Telemedicine and Telepresence

  • Vital4Cov-19cosinuss° Vital Sign Sensor Technology; Cosinuss GmbH.

Protective equipment for People and safer Public

  • MiniVHPMini VHP Decontamination System; Inivos,
  • ANTIVISCommercialisation of breakthrough antiviral stickers; Smart Separations Ltd,
  • Mr. CleanRobotic Autonomous solution for disinfection and sanitation in pandemic and post-pandemic times; PAL Robotics.

Distribution of Proposals

Distribution of eligible proposals, of proposal selected for interview and of proposal selected for funding per each technology domain.

The proposals selected for interview were the ones that scored above the threshold.


Geographical Distribution of Proposals

Geographical distribution of eligible applications, proposals selected for interview and proposals selected for funding.


Distribution of Proposals per type of applicants

Distribution of eligible (A) and funded applications (B) per type of applicant, evidencing a high proportion of SMEs and startups.


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