INNO4COV-19 OPEN CALL – 1st Round Results


OpenCall First Round Overview

In the First round of Inno4cov-19 Open Call, a total of 135 applications were submitted by applicants from 21 different European countries, being the majority of applicants SME and Startups. After a first eligibility check, a total of 112 applications were submitted to the full evaluation process, resulting in 18 proposals recommended for funding (16% success rate).
The selected proposals for the first round of  INNO4COV-19 Open Call are listed below, described by Acronym; Title and Organisation, divided by technology domain.
The total amount funded in the OpenCall First round is EUR 1,770,802.30.

Innovative diagnostic and screening systems

  • APTAKIT:  Rapid, multiplex, signal-enhanced, aptamer-based, lateral flow test for SARS-CoV-2 detection in human and animal samples; LINCBIOTECH;
  • iAMP4COV-19iAMP COVID-19 rapid molecular disposable test usability design improvement and evaluation in clinical settings; FUELIUM;
  • PAIRUSPandemic Artificial Intelligence-based Risk Unified Stratification, current and future outbreaks;
    iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber;
  • XVS: XVision; Mindfully Technologies.

Environmental surveillance

  • TRACKERFighting COVID-19 through an innovative tracking and predictive geographic information system (GIS) tool for environmental surveillance; Sociedad de Fomento Agrícola Castellonense S.A.

Sensors & Devices for Telemedicine and Telepresence

  • MyHealth-COVMyHealth-COV: a telemedicine platform for continuous remote monitoring and patients support to tackle COVID-19; DataRiver;
  • SENTINELImplementation of a SENsing TerrIorial NEtwork of HeaLth PODs to detect and manage COVID19 patients or emerging focuses of the infection; CAPSULA;
  • TeMeLuTeleMedical Lung Monitor – vibro – acoustic sensors and machine learning algorithms.; NEURO CONTROLS;
  • TOMTracking platform for Outbreak Management; Ab.Acus;
  • ValueREADValueREAD – The first universal rapid test platform enabled with Artificial Intelligence; IDNEO TECHNOLOGIES.

Protective equipment for People and safer Public

  • GRAPH-EUGRAPHene-Enhanced face mask for safety, comfort and sUstainability; Directa Plus;
  • Antivir-R2RAntimicrobial roll-2-roll coating of adhesive plastics foil by atmospheric plasma spraying with long-term durable, biocidal Cu-Zn alloys – final simulation and field test phase towards fulfillment of regulatory issues (ECHA); Inocon Technologie;
  • CB-20: ANTIVIRIC TEXTILESCB-20: An effective COVID-19 FREE treatment for textile coatings and resins in healthcare protective equipment; Laminats Orient;
  • EVERFILTERActive photocatalytic nanostructured reusable filter for half and full-face masks; Labor;
  • INNOCOPNew self-cleaning nanocopper based composite for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 and other HAIs; Clinica Arenal Lucense;
  • I-ON AIRI-ON AIR UVC DISINFECTION; Alteria Automation;
  • SmartTrack4Covid™: IOT Platform for Industry 4.0 Worker Safety during Covid-19 sanitary emergency; Smart Track;
  • VIRTUOSO: negatiVe aIr pRessure sysTem to redUce infections in hOSpital rOoms; B.B. Impianti.

Distribution of Proposals

Distribution of eligible proposals, of proposal selected for interview and of proposal selected for funding per each technology domain.

The proposals selected for interview were the ones that scored above the threshold.


Geographical Distribution of Proposals

Geographical distribution of eligible applications, proposals selected for interview and proposals selected for funding.


Distribution of Proposals per type of applicants

Distribution of eligible (A) and funded applications (B) per type of applicant, evidencing a high proportion of SMEs and startups.


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