MiniVHP: Mini VHP decontamination system
Communications Disseminations 07.10.2021

MiniVHP: Mini VHP decontamination system

Inivos Limited

Presentation video: MiniVHP

COVID-19 has demonstrated the urgent requirement to improve and maintain consistently clean and disinfected environments without compromising on cleaning standards. Manual cleaning on its own is not enough and cannot sufficiently reduce the risk of cross-infections within hospitals, advanced decontamination technology is needed. Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) decontamination is an industry standard decontaminant used in research, pharmaceutical, and medical facilities. However, current VHP machines typically take a large and bulky form which creates major constraints in its ability to physically fit and subsequently decontaminate at ease, small, confined and complex spaces such as en-suites, ambulances, ventilation systems and microbiology safety cabinets, resulting in higher transmission rates amongst patients and staff, prolonged patient stay, bed blockages and staff absences. 

Inivos Company mission ‘to deliver better care faster’ inspired us to develop a state-of-the-art mini VHP decontamination system, specifically designed to function in small and intricate spaces and target hard-to-clean surfaces without compromising on efficacy levels.