VITO is a leading, independent research organization that provides sustainable technological solutions to industry and public authorities. It also offers scientifically based advice and support in the research domains of energy, materials, chemistry, land use and health in order to stimulate sustainable development.

The Health department is active in the field of sustainable health and disease prevention, aiming at safe, effective and/or personalized technological innovations.  

The Chemistry department develops technologies aiming at a more sustainable chemistry. Part of the group is active in the field of process intensification by integration of conversion (reaction) and separation processes.

VITO’s long-established Materials Department has gained international recognition as an important research facility for sustainable materials development and clean technologies. With a well-connected team of experienced researchers, and state-of-the-art laboratories, the department has unrivalled experience of developing innovative materials and technologies from the initial stages of materials preparation, through advanced shaping processes to materials characterisation.