TOM – Tracking platform for Outbreak Management
Communications Disseminations 19.04.2021

TOM – Tracking platform for Outbreak Management


Presentation video: TOM

Along the past months of epidemic, while early hospitalisation has demonstrated to overload the healthcare system, a too long waiting time before hospital admittance has proven to be fatal. Also, isolation is demonstrating to be the best system to lower infection rates. GPs need smart tools to assess early factors of risk and decide about request for hospitalisation, as well as to cope also with this secondary effect of quarantine and isolation making them able to support their patients at the early onset of psychiatric disorders.

TOM copes with these two key aspects in the management of COVID-19 through an AI-based platform that transforms the personal devices of citizens into an all-in-one digital point-of-care that overcomes the current fragmentation of the market offer. TOM does not require any devoted device but the personal smartphone. The data are acquired on a 24h/7d basis, offering full monitoring of the psycho-physical conditions through the smartphone embedded sensors and registries; contactless physiology tools that extract physiological parameters from a one-minute video of the face; voice analysis test to catch early symptoms of dyspnoea by analysing speech patterns; self-reporting digital questionnaires based on the WHO-5 Well-Being Index and the COVID-19 risk assessment sheet adopted by the Italian Association of General Practice.

A cloud based Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine processes all the data acquired through a data-fusion approach to extract indices able to mix together physiological and behavioural indicators to provide valuable insights. The risk stratification algorithm generates specific alerts to GPs to promptly trigger intervention and reduce the effort to manage large screening campaigns.  TOM builds on a proprietary platform for remote data collection, developed by Ab.Acus, and already tested in several pilots involving healthy subjects and persons with chronical diseases.