VIRTUOSO: negatiVe aIr pRessure sysTem to redUce infections in hOSpital rOoms
Communications Disseminations 22.04.2021

VIRTUOSO: negatiVe aIr pRessure sysTem to redUce infections in hOSpital rOoms

B.B. Impianti.

Presentation video: VIRTUOSO

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The main goal of VIRTUOSO is to reduce the number of SARS-CoV-2 infections due to nosocomial transmission and consequently reduce the number of healthcare practitioners affected by COVID19.

To achieve this objective, VIRTUOSO aims at developing a ventilation system for the isolation of hospital rooms hosting contagious patients. This would have a fundamental role in the protection of healthcare workers from infections due to nosocomial transmissions.

The complete isolation of the contaminated environment can be scientifically achieved by depressurizing it and therefore obtaining a lower pressure inside than outside the hospital room. VIRTUOSO is able to easily guarantee and automatically maintain this condition. The system consists of few components that can be installed without interfering with the existing air distribution systems or with the structure of hospital rooms.

VIRTUOSO allows to operate on single room individually, activating the depressurization only when and where an infectious patient is host. Furthermore, it would allow hospital facilities to face more safely other already existing contagious diseases and be better prepared for possible new pandemics in the future.

Its implementation will consist of four activities. Firstly, the requirements and the specification of the system will be analysed and identified, then VIRTUOSO will be developed upscaling its hardware design and control system. Finally, a complete qualification of the system will be achieved by installing and testing in at least one hospital room with two beds. A dissemination and an exploitation plan will also be formulated.

VIRTUOSO has been conceived by B.B. IMPIANTI S.r.l., a company specialized in hospital systems and innovative solutions for operating theatres that already has a portfolio of customers in the target market of this project.

VIRTUOSO’s effectiveness will be proved at the Garbagnate Milanese Hospital, installing and qualifying till TRL8 the system.