XVS: XVision
Communications Disseminations 14.04.2021

XVS: XVision

Mindfully Technologies.

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XVision is making healthcare smarter with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Our software application makes use of AI to assist radiologists in analysing medical images. The system is able to accurately detect multiple pathologies on both radiographies and CT scans, to localize them and to generate auxiliary information, all of which allows doctors to triage patients and to process medical images faster and with greater precision. 

COVID-19 is one of the pathologies our algorithms can most accurately detect – XVision can thus be used as a way to screen and prioritize patients in the high workload environment that COVID can generate, as well as assist doctors with automated calculations that they would have manually need to perform otherwise.

By leveraging both CT and radiographies for COVID detection, XVision can offer detailed information that helps make the analysis process more efficient (based on the more advanced computed tomography data), while also capitalizing on the main advantages of x-rays to offer a powerful, fast screening tool, easier to perform than on CT (due to faster scanning time and easier decontamination) and available in more places, especially in countries with lower healthcare investment levels.

The possibility to automatically detect 18 pathologies, combined with the auxiliary information about a scan that XVision’s AI can offer to radiologists make it a strong and unique tool that doctors can use to better manage their workload. 

The main objectives for the financial support are further enhancing the performance of our COVID-detection algorithms and accelerating market adoption of our solution.